wake me up lemon water routine.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to sleep. Doesn’t mean I’m any good at it, but I love it. Being wrapped up in sheets, cuddled beneath blankets… heaven. Unfortunately for me, I only get about four to five hours a night if I’m lucky. I’ve tried tons of different things, but regardless of their impact on my sleep duration and quality, one thing is constant: supremely exhausted mornings.


Now, I am a diehard coffee drinker (black, please!), and essentially need it to function; besides the necessity, I really enjoy the flavor and experience of coffee. However, before I reach for the magical beans every morning, I start off with warm water, fresh lemon, and maybe a pinch of cayenne pepper or splash of raw apple cider vinegar as soon as I step out of the shower.

Why? Well, good question! When I was first getting into healthier, greener and cleaner eating, I kept coming across articles touting the benefits of lemon water, and decided I had to try it. A quick google search will show you a plethora of health claims, but I’m here to tell you which claims have some scientific evidence to back them up, and my own personal experience, albeit anecdotally. Your mileage may vary.

The most important thing that warm lemon water does for you is rehydrate you! Sleeping is essentially intermittent fasting: you’re going approximately 6-9 hours without drinking or eating anything, so your body is dehydrated when you wake up. Starting the morning with a mug full of warm (not hot!) water with a squeeze of lemon is a wonderful way to hydrate yourself, and I’ve found that I have more energy throughout the day. Lemon water also helps with improved digestive and liver function, as your liver is most active while you’re sleeping. Lemon water can help stimulate your liver in flushing out all the toxins that your body doesn’t need. Additionally, lemons have a good amount of Vitamin C, which we all know is essential for immune function, but also Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which is necessary for radiant skin! <— This is probably my favorite benefit of lemon water and one that I can definitely see a difference in my skin if I slack or skip it. My skin looks cleaner, brighter, smoother and more ‘plump’ when I am consistent in this routine. That’s reason enough for me! 🙂


If you have an electric kettle, this is almost embarrassingly easy. If you’re like me, simply heat some water on a stove top kettle until almost boiling. Pour half of the boiling water into a coffee mug and top with equal parts room temperate or tepid water (I do this because I find it difficult to get the right warm but not hot water temperature from my stovetop kettle, but do whatever is easiest for  you. Squeeze in juice from 1/2-1 whole lemon, and add a pinch of cayenne (spice is great for metabolism!), or some ACV (great for skin). Use a straw when drinking, as the lemon juice is quite acidic and can weaken your enamel. Drink each morning and cheers to your health!


morning lemon water routine. 

juice of one half-one of a lemon
16 ounces of warm water (I do half hot from kettle/half room temp.)
1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar* optional
1 teaspoon fresh ginger* optional

Add the fresh squeezed juice of one half/whole lemon (depends on your preference and the juiciness of the lemon) to the warm water. Top with apple cider vinegar and/or ginger if desired.

Drink through a straw (to protect the enamel of your teeth) each morning before consuming anything to eat.  Serves 1.

*Please use organic ingredients wherever possible*