About Me.


Hi! I’m Leslie, and I’m so glad you are here. That’s me in the middle!

If I can think of one thing that I absolutely, positively cannot be without, it’s food. I’m not taking from a physiological, biological place. I’m talking about food as a thing of comfort, pleasure, and hobby.

Food is the language of love, and I can think of nothing better. Food equals comfort, love, excitement and adventure. It transcends so many things: language, culture, socio-economic status. In short, it brings people together.

I love to cook, even after a ridiculously long and stressful day, I know that being in my kitchen will always help me unwind and relax. A glass of wine doesn’t hurt, either!

I’ve always loved to cook, and I love to share my creations with my loved ones. I’ve often heard “you should write a food blog!”, but always shied away, as whole idea was more than a little overwhelming (still is!). A series of big changes in my life happened in mid 2014, and I’m ready to share my passion for cooking and healthful living with the world. Even if I’m the only one that ever visits my page, that’s ok. Welcome, and I hope to share my love with all of you!

Some random fun things about me:

Favorite foods: Lemons (duh), strawberries, blood oranges, any kind of pickles, potatoes, bourbon, kale, garlic, burgers.

Dislikes of the food variety: mayonnaise, kidney beans, cottage cheese, olives.

Favorite season: Winter. Luckily where I live, I get plenty!

Favorite color: Grey and white.

I am usually listening to Frank Sinatra, Ben Harper, Robert Johnson or BB King while I cook. Eninem and Ice Cube when I work out. Early 90’s hip hop when I’m stressed at work. Classical music when I need to concentrate.

My current favorite cookbook is Zahav. It’s part biography/loving memoir, part amazing Israeli cookbook. I got it for Christmas this past year, and I already have bookmarked at least 20 must make recipes.

**You’ll notice that many of my recipes are gluten free. Many people in my immediate and extended family suffer from varying forms of gluten intolerance. Some (like my mom, paternal grandmother and cousin) have Celiac disease, which is a very serious autoimmune disorder. Others have some gluten intolerance. My reaction to gluten is variable, but since much of it is inflammatory, I try to stick with sprouted grains, or whole, unrefined sources of grains. As I try to eat a vegetable-heavy diet, I do have several vegan or vegetarian recipes. I am an Omnivore, with an emphasis on organic, sustainable, humanely-raised ingredients.



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